Zenon X Earthship Sisters

Accelerating Female entrepreneurship and leadership by supporting projects connected to marine ecosystems

Mar 18, 2022
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Earthship sister is a delicate programme focusing on female environmental leadership. Through transformative experiences connecting to nature and developing female entrepreneurs’ leadership, the incubator motivates them to take concrete action in the service of the environment.

Every year, Earthship sister selects enthusiastic and passionate women of all ages, all professional and geographical backgrounds for 250 hours of coaching in 12 months periods. The project has been designed to enable and empower women. And supporting them to transfer their initial simple ideas to social and solidarity economy structures, generate purposeful jobs and living in harmony with the environment.

In 2022, Zenon sponsors Earthship sister to have 5 dedicated places exclusively for entrepreneurs set to protect the marine ecosystems! Please meet the Ocean sisters and their exciting projects!