Our mission
How to achieve a sustainable future within planetary boundaries?

Zenon is a non-profit combining:

1) a think tank identifying and analysing the scientific, technological, and economic solutions for the emergence of a future compatible with the planetary boundaries. We aim to bring the scientific method at the centre of discussions around energy and resources

2) a non-profit fund which provides grants and investments for impactful projects in two key areas of our sustainable future: women empowerment and resilient marine ecosystems.

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What we do

- We produce original studies with a transversal mindset in the form of white papers, reports, and videos for the general public
- Our approach combines science and economics. We take a pragmatic approach, based on evidence about technology and its deployment rate
- We organise events with high-level experts and decision-makers
- We provide investment and grants for projects in the areas of Women empowerment and Resilient marine ecosystems

Our work is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals from the UN Development Program

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